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  1. The Gneech

    Inspired by a Doonesbury strip from decades ago.

  2. TechUnadept

    Die, piggy.

  3. Ed Rhodes

    What’s frightening is that I’ve been through that. It took a little longer, but my company (Art-Mold) was purchased by another company and after a year they called us all in and let us go. *sigh* Now I’m at Wal*Mart! *shudder*

    • Alucai Vivorvel

      Just as long as you’re not a greeter. I could never handle that, handing out stickers to people (what was up with that?) and just generally being a happy person all day long, even to people who don’t acknowledge you.
      I could accept that if I was like that anyway, but it’s your job to be that way!

      • Dragon

        If you are familiar with Jeff Dunham, and his puppet, Walter, you have a perfect image of the sort of Wal*Mart greeter I’d be – “Welcome to Wal*Mart, get yer sh*t and get out!”

        • Alucai Vivorvel

          Yes, I am very familiar with Jeff and his antics. I used to like him, but I think I’ve grown tired of his (and many comedians’)… content.

  4. Awol

    This strip reminds me a little of the movie “Office space”