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For the Confuzzled 2011 t-shirt… Enjoy! -The Gneech

Portfolio work for Further Confusion (click through for larger views): Enjoy! -The Gneech

A riff on Tiffany’s first big gig, all the way back in 1999. Done purely to get the artistic juices flowing again! If there’s sufficient interest, I’ll offer this one as a print. Enjoy! -The Gneech

I received a message via Twitter today which, if I understand it correctly, boils down to “Will there be any more Suburban Jungle?” The short answer is, as it has been all along, “I’m sure there will be sometime, just not any time soon.” The long answer is of course more nuanced and has a […]

Those of you who follow my regular blog know this already, but two SJ-related pieces of news went up today! First, I’ve been named Guest of Honor for Confuzzled 2011 in Manchester, UK! This is the second time I’ve been GoH for anything and will be the first time I’ve ever traveled outside the US, […]

The Suburban Jungle (Starring Tiffany Tiger) ran for ten years and accumulated a lot of memories! In order to keep a certain amount of separation between future SJ projects and the original comic strip, I decided to create this site. When the new comic starts, it will have a fresh canvas to draw on, but […]

Want to have your say about the future of The Suburban Jungle? Go to the LJ community poll and make your voice heard!

Leona teaches a ninjarazzi the true meaning of Christmas … or something like that. The Suburban Jungle Christmas card for 2009. Enjoy!

By reader request, here’s a wallpaper version of the ensemble coda image for the strip. This is actually an alternate coloring version done by Hikaru, 1280×1024. Enjoy!

It’s not Suburban Jungle, but it might be a hint of what the future will bring — this week begins a six-page guest story I’ve drawn for Carpe Diem, by Graveyard Greg. Enjoy!