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  1. The Gneech

    I got grief for this one, too — some people were “disappointed” that Conrad had even the slightest inkling towards any guy. All I can say is “You totally missed the point of what I’d been doing with him for the past decade.”

    And for the record, one little confusing man-crush does not make you gay.

  2. ranger67

    Exactly, if you really want to know if a guy is gay ,they would have to be willing to tell you about all 4 things occurring in the same day or just tell you they are gay.
    I have chosen to just say this much instead of going on about the four things that I could have written,this was done out of respect. You would have to read concession the web comic, if you really want to know.
    P.S. I did understand how you were using him for from reading in the past decades.