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  1. The Gneech

    Leona’s big turning point. 🙂 I’m proud of you, girl!

  2. Parou

    Yup, at this point Leona became easier to like and appreciate as a growing character.

    Both Tiffany (by holding out for her to be in Kitten Kaboodle) and Athena (by saving and expanding her career) had taken risks to help her and suddenly she was no longer truly ‘second tier’. For Leona to get beyond that ‘chip’ on her shoulder and think of her actions showed her to be reaching a higher level of character depth.

  3. ranger67

    True,she has grown up a good deal. But everyone at some point in their life has to admit that being in such a position of power to take advantage of someone who has made them inadequate for so long, is a very, very good feeling ( even if you don’t act on).