Places in The Suburban Jungle

New In Town?

Welcome to New San Angeles! With a thriving downtown and a suburban shopping district literally blocks away from the beach, this city is a bustling center of commerce and a major spot in the entertainment industry! Here’s just a short list of some of the great things you’ll find here…


Boardwalk Betty’s

A touristy spot on the beach that provides “mixed dining: no predation” in the mode of The Watering Hole.

Chez Predatoré

A chain of fine restaurants catering to carnivores.


A chain of lunch restaurants featuring only the trendiest selections, funky bread, and coffee.

House of Toast

A quaint little shack on the beach, Bob and Ray’s House of Toast (the full name) caters to the whim of every true toast-lover.

Lunchpack of Notre Dame

A sandwich shop handy to Techfox Studios, where TV stars can occasionally be seen grabbing a sandwich.

Roebucks Coffee

A chain of coffee houses that people either love or love to hate. But they provide decent employment during times of crisis! Unfortunately, the do not have bamboo lattés.

The Watering Hole

A bar not too far from the beach, famous for its groundbreaking policy of “no predation allowed,” allowing predator and prey species to actually mix socially without the awkwardness of potential devouring. The policy is rigorously enforced by the owner and chief barkeep, Leonard Lion.


Chatterbox Tonight

A “news” program on television highlighting what’s new and hot in the entertainment industry, hosted by Peggy Pomeranian and produced by Jerry Springer-Spaniel.

“Rowr” Magazine

A women’s fashion magazine featuring primarily larger creatures (such as wolves, big cats, etc.).


A popular collectible card game in which you try to build up your cities while simultaneous sending giant monsters (i.e., “kaiju”) to destroy your opponents’ cities.


Amalgatronix Industries

A large corporation that bought out MegaHuge ConGloMaCo, only to be dissolved after being found mired in malfeasance and corruption.

MegaHuge ConGloMaCo

Starting out as a tiny distribution company working out of a garage, this company was forged into a large and impressive corporation by its founder and CEO, Oswald Proboscis. However, the board of directors eventually forced him out in order to sell to Amalgatronix, where even the mighty MegaHuge was “just another subsidiary.”

New Lion Cinema

A film studio specializing is inexpensive films such as “chick flicks,” including A Girl and Her Dog.

O.P.E. (Oswald Proboscis Enterprises)

The company Oswald Proboscis founded to “start over” after being forced out of MegaHuge ConGloMaCo.

Rainforest Talent Agency

This talent agency specializes in finding “new faces” for the entertainment industry. Their terms are not generous to the client, however, leading most models or actors to take on different agents once they’ve achieved a certain amount of clout.

Techfox Studios

A TV studio that produces genre programs, including Kitten Kaboodle, Space Ranger.



For the mixed-species couple who are not naturally interfertile, Interclinic provides the latest in genetic jiggery-pokery to make your dream of children come true. A wolf married to a rabbit? No problem. Furthermore, if you are a naturally infertile hybrid yourself (such as a mule), Interclinic can still use samples of your DNA to provide you with children. Naturally, this is an extremely expensive proposition, and we have quite a long waiting list.

Scratch & Sniff, Psychic Investigations

Catscratch Skunk (the “Scratch”) and an un-named partner (presumably the “Sniff”) who provide “psychic” or “paranormal” consultation services.

Squash & Stretch, Private Investigations

Stretch Ferret (the brains) and Squash Otter (the brawn) are a pair of classic gumshoes, right down to the trenchcoat, fedora, and wisecracks.

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