The Cast

Tiffany Tiger (Tag! »)

Occupation: aspiring supermodel (early days); movie and TV star (by the end)
Relations: Daughter of Natasha Tiger and an un-named male tiger, half-sister of Louis and Comfort
Gorgeous, talented, and star of her own comic strip, Tiffany is the sun around which The Suburban Jungle orbits. She is bright, ambitious, and hard-working, but her personal and professional career have had many setbacks and strange twists over the years. Plays “Tiffarella” in Tiffarella in the 24½ Century and Kitten Kaboodle in Kitten Kaboodle, Space Ranger.Unlike her siblings, Tiffany is a pure-bred Siberian tiger.

Leonard Lion (Tag! »)

Occupation: owner, manager, and barkeep of The Watering Hole
Relations: brother of Richard Lion, ex-husband of Glory Lioness
Owner and chief bartender of Tiffany’s favorite bar, The Watering Hole (with its famous policy of “No Predation Allowed”), Leonard’s caustic and bitter exterior occasionally reveals hidden depths below.

Dover Cheetah (Tag! »)

Occupation: computer programmer, occasionally barista or unemployed
Relations: son of Chessie Cheetah; later married to Comfort Tiger
A dangerous combination of speed, ambition, and raw programmer cunning, Dover sometimes suffers an odd speech impediment which developed as a result of his doing nothing but programming all day for so long — he speaks in a strange and barely-comprehensible mishmash of English and computer code. He has a certain charming innocence, combined with a less-than-charming tendency to be a brat when he wants something.

Leona Lioness (Tag! »)

Occupation: aspiring supermodel (early days); movie, TV, and pop music star (by the end)
Relations: aside from a brief appearance by her mother in a fantasy sequence, Leona’s relations are largely unspecified
Walking the knife edge between ambition and obsession, Leona has had her life’s plans unintentionally thwarted by Tiffany again and again, and is a bit … irritated about it. She also has a bit of an impulse-control problem. Plays “Leona-5” in Tiffarella in the 24½ Century and “Harriet ‘Hart’ O’Steele” in Kitten Kaboodle, Space Ranger.

Comfort T. Tiger (Tag! »)

Occupation: college student (early days); post-college career unspecified
Relations: daughter of Natasha Tiger, half-sister of Tiffany and Louis; later married to Dover Cheetah
Tiffany’s perky and bubbly half-sister is bright but somehow strangely vacuous at times; she has also inherited Natasha’s temper. Comfort’s father was a bengal tiger.

Conrad Tiger (Tag! »)

Occupation: actor, model
Relations: his somewhat-scary mother is periodically mentioned, but makes no appearances
This tall, handsome hunk is conflicted, depressed, and fights against a bad case of self-loathing combined with roving eye, although he does manage to find some peace of mind later on.

Drezzer Wolf (Tag! »)

Occupation: photographer, talent agent
Relations: none specified, although his sister was mentioned in an IRC chat
A well-known and influential fashion photographer, Drezzer is also an insatiably flirty gay man who seems to derive immense pleasure from tweaking Conrad. Originally hailing from coal country in England, Drezzer has an accent which he describes as “dead common.”

Yin the Giant Panda (Tag! »)

Occupation: minimum-wage job-of-the-week
Relations: none specified
Tiffany’s roommate is a True Believer in just about every conspiracy theory, alien abduction story, or crackpot claim ever made, no matter how contradictory or illogical. The fact that she seems to have attracted the attention of a dimension-hopping polar bear and some mysterious group known as “The Village,” has only reinforced her beliefs.

Supporting Cast

Prince Alondro (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! Hunky space-opera lion who appeared to Leona in a dream.

Eddie Ape (Tag! »)

Tiffany and Dover’s ape boss at MegaHuge ConGloMaCo and an old friend of Dover’s.

J Badger (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! One of the mysterious “Furs In Black,” a Badger with a memory-erasing device.

Byron Bat (Tag! »)

This golden fruit bat was once Ramses’ best friend in the world, until some kind of crisis (apparently involving illegal dealings) caused him to steal from the mouse brothers and put Ramses into a situation that ended up hospitalizing him. Despite the natural antipathy that resulted from this situation, Byron does end up working as janitor for the Watering Hole-in-the-Wall.

Arden Bearridge (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A polar bear “D-Cop” who travels through time and space, friend of Yin.

Bob the Half-a-Worm

See “Stan the Worm.”

Tal Boltair (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A gun-toting SF action hero rabbit.

Bruce, a.k.a. “Litho’s Magnificent Donkey” (Tag! »)

Australian donkey lead singer of the band “Litho’s Magnificent Donkey,” one of Athena Lion’s clients.

BJ Buttons (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A novelty-button wearing (and creating) bear who loves balloons.

Chastity “Chase” Cheetah (Tag! »)

The R.A. of Richter Hall when Kurt and Dover were there, this cheetah was accurately described by Kurt as “an evil harpy,” which didn’t stop Dover from becoming smitten with her at the time.

Jessica “Chessie” Cheetah (Tag! »)

Dover’s mother, a kind and wealthy cheetah who rather spoils her son.

Camden Cowford (Tag! »)

A pygmy hippo producer at Techfox Studios, in charge of the production of Kitten Kaboodle, Space Ranger.

Brody Coyote (Tag! »)

A good-natured and playful young coyote with a passion for ’80s alternative music and a tendency to flirt, especially with Drezzer Wolf. Later employed simultaneously as a barista at Roebucks Coffee and an assistant at The Watering Hole.

Tony Durham (Tag! »)

A guest star from The Class Menagerie, a brawny but soft-hearted bull with something of an inferiority complex.

Stretch Ferret (Tag! »)

The brains (such as they are) of Squash & Stretch Private Investigations, Stretch is a hard-bitten gumshoe of a detective whose methods, while unorthodox, still produce results. Has a voice like Bruce Campbell on helium.

Alfie Gator (Tag! »)

An alligator producer for New Lion Cinema, making the film A Girl and Her Dog. Has an army of mysterious followers, the “ninjarazzi.”

The Gneech (Tag! »)

Geeze, who let that guy in here?

“Weird Al” Hamstervic (Tag! »)

Novelty pop star hamster who gives Tiffany her first big break in show biz.

Michael Bernard “Mikey” Hopkins (Tag! »)

A guest star from The Class Menagerie, Mikey is a high-strung, athletic overachiever of a kangaroo.

Kathy Irishsetter (Tag! »)

A popular and successful supermodel, one of Tiffany’s heroes.

Jim the Bull (Tag! »)

A high-level manager at MegaHuge ConGloMaCo, this bull was Eddie Ape’s boss.

Father Kamau (Tag! »)

The priest who officiates at Dover and Comfort’s wedding, this lion also puts on a prosthetic forehead and hangs out with klingons.

Persival Aloysis “Biff” Kingston (Tag! »)

A guest star from The Class Menagerie, Biff is a big, belligerent jock lion with low mental capacity. Nephew of Kurt Kingston.

Kurt Kingston (Tag! »)

An old friend of Dover’s from high school, the black sheep of the family because he prefers intellectual pursuits to monetary ones. Uncle of Biff Kingston.

Katie Kodiak (Tag! »)

This Alaskan grizzly bear is an assistant at The Watering Hole.

Kitana (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! An enormous vixen with dragon wings and a tendency to destroy Tokyo. In a game of STOMPAGE!, Kitana can only be countered by Rogue the Megawolf.

Cary Komodo (Tag! »)

Internationally famous martial artist/stuntman, and also one of the world’s largest living lizards, he plays a recurring villain on Kitten Kaboodle: Space Ranger. Still kind of a shrimp compared to Tiffany, tho.

Wesha the Leopard (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A leopard who works as an I.T. contractor, and can act as an interpreter for Dover’s codespeak.

Athena T. Lion (Tag! »)

A formidable business executive and power-player in show business, this lioness is part of a pride that also contains Gregory and Glory. It is hinted that she’s had a rough and somewhat disreputable past, but risen above it.

Gregory Lion (Tag! »)

A handsome millionaire lion whose pride includes Athena and Glory.

Richard Lion (Tag! »)

Leonard’s younger brother, this lion is a party animal.

Gloria “Glory” Lioness (Tag! »)

Leonard’s ex-wife from college and early professional years, a bit on the cold side.

Ramses Mouse (Tag! »)

The world’s angriest mouse, Ramses is a martial arts master and a dangerous person to cross. His brother Wensley hires him as the bouncer for Watering Hole-in-the-Wall.

Wensleydale Mouse (Tag! »)

This good-natured mouse was rescued from the sea by Tiffany and the two quickly became friends. (Non-identical) twin brother of Ramses and eventually owner/bartender of Watering Hole-in-the-Wall.

Squash Otter (Tag! »)

Although light in the brains department, this brawny sea otter can fight Ramses to a standstill and is ample muscle for Squash & Stretch Private Investigations. Has a pronounced tuna fixation.

Peggy Pomeranian (Tag! »)

The malignant and vapid hostess of Chatterbox Tonight.

Spiked Punch (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! An enormous piercing-and-chain-dangling wolf who got carted off by the Continuity Cops.

Oswald Proboscis (Tag! »)

This rhinocerous was the founder and CEO of MegaHuge ConGloMaCo until being forced out by the board. So he went on to found O.P.E.

PunkTiger (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A white-mohawked tiger who plays rockin’ live musical performances.

Raggum the Frog (Tag! »)

An insulting, cigar-chomping, Don Rickles-esque frog who never actually appeared in The Suburban Jungle, though not for lack of trying.

Wally Roo (Tag! »)

This unassuming young red kangaroo was an assistant at The Watering Hole until he left to get a Ph.D. at Carnegie-Mellon.

Sabot (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A bear whose ear-tag caused him consternation.

“The Sams” (Tag! »)

Aliens from Planet Claire, these strange creatures wore protective suits that made them look like blue-skinned humanoids (modeled after the character “Sam” from Freefall), but their natural form was actually only seen as a pair of googly eyes on eyestalks with black tentacles that came from outside the frame. There were four Sams identified by name, Leader (orange scarf), Linguist (pink scarf), Pilot (dark blue scarf, although his first appearance erroneously has him in a green scarf), and Botanist (green scarf). If those were all the Sams on board, or if there were others who simply didn’t get mentioned, is unknown, but it was a pretty small ship. Botanist was referred to in the Village both as “No. 9” and as “No. 86”. When surprised or confused, the Sams had a tendency to say “Ook?”

Catscratch Skunk (Tag! »)

This no-nonsense skunk lost her eye in a fight with a cat, but somehow gained “second sight” by it, and now hires herself out as a psychic detective. Stretch Ferret’s go-to-gal whenever he encounters weirdness.

Spiritwalker (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A mountain lion who brightened Leona’s day by admiring her fur pattern (or lack thereof).

Jerry Springer-Spaniel (Tag! »)

A guest star from Kevin and Kell, Jerry is a dog with big hair and an amazing ability to recover from being devoured alive on national television. Also the producer of Chatterbox Tonight and a longtime crony of Alfie Gator.

Stan the Worm (Tag! »)

An earthworm who attempted to mug Wensley, he accidentally bisected himself, leading to a short-lived “brother” in the form of Bob the Half-a-Worm.

Lagston Swine (Tag! »)

A corrupt pig who was given management of the MegaHuge I.T. assets when Amalgatronix took over, becoming Dover’s boss.

T’Chall (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A frisky, muscular gay fox who considers Speedos to be “overdressed.” Also seems to be a superhero with size-changing abilities on random occasions.

Tahamaki (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! An alpha geek leopard of Dover’s acquaintance.

Ryan Tegir (Tag! »)

A prodigious young tiger with a cynical sense of humor and a gift for numbers, retained by Amalgatronix when they bought out MegaHuge ConGloMaCo, later also empoyed by O.P.E.

Tiffany’s Dad (Tag! »)

Tiffany Tiger’s father (name never mentioned), a Siberian tiger, is some variety of government agent and was instrumental in Natasha’s defection to the west back in 1972.

Louis T. Tiger (Tag! »)

Tiffany and Comfort’s half-brother, Natasha’s third child is a geeky fan of “kaiju” (i.e., giant city-stomping monsters). His father was a golden (or “strawberry”) tiger.

Natasha Tiger (Tag! »)

A white-furred Siberian tiger, Tiffany’s mother was a dissident writer who escaped from the Eastern Bloc with the help of Tiffany’s father, to whom she was married for five years. Her children are Tiffany, Comfort, and Louis, each by a different father.

Matron Turtle (Tag! »)

Despite her name, the organizer of the Goody Awards was actually a giant tortoise.

Number One (Tag! »)

Presumably the leader of “The Village,” although no such person was ever identified. The various No. 2’s reported to somebody

Number Two (Tag! »)

Actually a title held by several different people, “No. 2” seems to designate whoever is in charge of the day-to-day operations of “The Village” at any given time, but what exactly that entails is anything but clear. It even seems to be possible that there can be more than one No. 2 at a time, in situations where the “real” No. 2 is acting incognito and sets up a “for show” No. 2 in their place. The various No. 2’s encountered in Suburban Jungle included a hyena (the only recurring one), an elephant, a donkey, a buffalo, and a skunk.

Zero Whitefur (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A white-furred wolf, one of the “Furs In Black.”

H. Wood “Woody” Wolf (Tag! »)

Leona’s agent, a callous and self-centered wolf who decided to sabotage Leona’s career when it became clear she was going to be difficult to work with.

Galen Wolfitt (Tag! »)

Charity Auction Cameo Winner! A wolf-rabbit hybrid Drezzer one met at The Watering Hole.

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