It took me long enough, but the books are finally up and available here, individually or in bundles:

GnomeCo Publications

Whew! I didn’t think I’d ever get that done!

-The Gneech

Hello, all! Sorry for the extended quiet, but Lord of the Rings Online and My Little Pony have been eating my brain. But! Here’s some news…

If you contributed to the Kickstarter project and have not yet gotten your books, chances are they’re in this batch that I am now sending out. There are a few people who are not yet going to receive theirs because I need more information from them — I will be contacting those people directly in the next couple of days.

The books are up on Amazon, but honestly I’d prefer you didn’t buy them there because I don’t see as much of the profit that way. I will have a link up sometime this week where people can order them directly from GnomeCo Publications. 🙂

In the next couple of weeks, I expect to be a lot more active here as I ramp up for Dragon*Con and Intervention. I have some sketches I’ve been meaning to scan for a while now, and I hope to do some actual art in the near future as well, assuming the summer heat doesn’t bake my brain any further.

That’s all for now, catcha later!

-The Gneech

I regret that must note the passing of one of Suburban Jungle‘s long time readers and supporters, known on the forums as Won-Tolla. More details are available on the Nice forums. My condolences to his friends and family.

-The Gneech

The ten-year retrospective collection, No Predation Allowed is well under construction and looks to be on track for unveiling at AnthroCon. Three volumes at ~120 pages each, it’s a pretty hefty project, so I’ve started a Kickstarter project to get it rolling! As of this post, the project has raised $920, well over halfway towards the goal, in just over 12 hours! O.o Holy cats!

So if you’d like to get in while the getting is good, jump on over and check it out. 🙂 Thanks!

-The Gneech

The book(s) are finally moving into the production phase! There is SO MUCH STUFF O.o that in order to make it feasible, I’ve had to break it into three pieces. Each one will be ~120 pages, color interior (at least for the strips that ran in color), and cost somewhere near $30. I will also be selling a complete set at a discount, but I haven’t worked out the math on that yet.

Will it be done by AnthroCon? Honestly I don’t know yet, but I’m crankin’ on it as fast as I can. More bulletins as I have more news!

-The Gneech