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  1. The Gneech

    I had a few people ask why Leona was crying in bed with Gregory here, to which my response was “…”.

    So for the record, that’s Athena up there, folks.

  2. ninjagrover

    Nope understood t’was Athena straight away. A wonderfully scene. I especially like the stoic expression on Gregory (?) face. He looks emotionally drained or more like that he has so much emotion that he’s forced to put that blank face on, unable to do anything but support his Alpha.

  3. RuntyTiger

    And she has been waiting, as I quote, “15 years”. That really does suck for a woman who wants to be a mother.

  4. Alucai Vivorvel

    Well, being lions and all, I guess they can’t just adopt a random stranger’s child, as I guess the pride leader (I don’t know as much about lions as I think I do) wouldn’t go for that? At least if Gregory had a part in it, Athena would be the child’s step-mother…

  5. sneakers

    Poor Athena.